My Life As A Young Chicago Criminal Lawyer…

Buzz… Buzz… I hear my phone vibrate at 4:30am to wake me up.

Living in Skokie and working in Chicago can be tough but I am living my dream as a Chicago Criminal Lawyer (Associate) at Feldman Criminal Defense.

Why do I get up so early? First, to clear my head with a run. But second, to work on my criminal law website. You see, since I was a young kid I always had one big passion - entrepreneurship. While the other kids were out playing in the grass, I was mowing lawns and loving it!

Since my father was a top criminal attorney in Chicago, I also started to veer towards the legal industry as I grew older. But my passion for owning and running my own business never stopped.

After law school I began interning at a local Judge’s office, while teaching myself to code nights and weekends. Most recently I started working at Feldman Criminal Defense, a law firm in Chicago that handles criminal matters.

My dream in law school was to combine both of my passions - law and entrepreneurship - by opening my own law firm. However, after seeing how tough it can be, I decided to change my ways… Today I developing a web-app (and soon to be iPhone app) for criminal lawyers and victims. 

The idea is pretty simple. If you are charged with any criminal matter, this app will help you find the perfect lawyer to handle your case and speak to the police on your behalf. It is location based and will show you results nearest to you, ratings, contact info, etc. The feature I am most proud of is the online consultation feature where you can chat (desktop or mobile) with the lawyer for preset times.

As you can see I have a lot on my plate being a young lawyer and aspiring entrepreneur. Did I mention I am getting married in September? 

I’m excited to share my experiences with you! Look back for updates.



How’s that gun control working for ya?